Following the introduction of electronic medical records and electronic health records, the use of patient portals has become increasingly popular in healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties. One of the foremost, independent Hong Kong, China based therapist center was looking for an online solution with a vision to improve the quality of care provided while enabling greater communication between therapist and their patients to help encourage better therapist-patient relationships and give patients more control over their treatment. Patient should be able to check lab results, request prescription refills, update insurance information, manage any unpaid balances and more. To enhance its competence and responsiveness, to meet these needs; approached ASPL. as a committed partner.


Technologies used


The Challenge

The healthcare landscape is complicated in the country. It is hard to decide which provider is the best one. That is where therapist portal helps. Usually, when a patient looks for a doctor offline, they rely on word of mouth. But what works for one may not work for others. They may not really know when the doctor is available, and the wait time may increase. This is just a hassle. Therapist portal tries to solve this problem by finding the right therapist and ensuring that patients book an appointment when therapists are available. The main vision of therapist portal is to bridge the gap between patients and therapist and become the one-stop platform for all healthcare needs.

Critical Points

Liberated revenue due to absence of online presence

Inadequate patients' engagement in and ownership of their own health. For example, when a patient has a chronic condition that impairs their ability to easily come in for a clinic visit, discussing issues and answering questions through the portal can cut down on the need for an appointment and increase the patient's ability to engage in their own care.

Awol viewpoint for therapist and patient of respective medical history

Data Anomalies due to manual processing of data with various therapist


Alvi Software worked rigorously with the client to comprehend the requirement initially with several iterations of dialogues to zero down the ask and consequently designed and developed a new avant-garde therapist portal to offer excellence in patient care and elevate therapist-patient experience. This portal is a Software as a Service tool.

Factoring the client’s requirements and needs, ASPL’s team decided to shape system structure in the following way:

Portal for Patients

Therapist Portal have access to reliable information flow that promotes therapist patient connectivity. The portal provides a customizable search function, experience, consultation fee and patient feedback details on doctors, and records doctor visit history (dates, billing, prescriptions and test results). Features include appointment reminders, transportation options and location tracking. This has made the decision-making process seamless, transparent, and convenient.

Portal for Therapist

Therapist Portal digitizes operations, offers better treatment delivery, and enhances patient engagement. By partnering clinics can increase brand awareness and expand their addressable market. Its operating model is a portfolio of startups within a startup in order to retain nimbleness as it scales its offerings. This DNA has facilitated seamless integration of several bolt-on acquisitions that have strengthened its products and services: (i) subscription-based practice management software to manage patients and digital health records (ii) solution for hospital outpatient departments to manage patient traffic and online bookings (iii) cloud-based hospital management information solutions (iv) hyper-local targeted ad platform for medical establishments. It ensures regulatory compliance with the use of fact-based banners (v) on-premises patient engagement tablets.

How the business benefited?

Instant online Payment – Increased revenue flow

High NPS - Portal has increased patient’s loyalty. The ongoing relationship and communication that occurs outside of appointments encourages patients to feel cared for and to remain loyal to your practice.

Centralized data dashboard enables patient to access all of their personal health information from already consulted therapist under one roof.

E-mail reminders and alerts help you to remember things like annual check-ups and flu shots etc.


A therapist portal is a mobile device responsive website for your personal health care. The online gizmo helps patient to keep track of their therapist’s visits, test results, billing, prescriptions, and so on. It is evident that using a therapist portal can provide numerous gains for your medical/healthcare requirements. With regular use of it, client has witnessed greater patient engagement and satisfaction, and a more streamlined workflow that saves time and effort for everyone.

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