Food Ordering

The restaurant technology panorama changes every day – it’s impractical for restaurant owners to keep up with innovation at the rate it’s evolving. Restaurants are highly local businesses and in order to increase their customer base, there are very limited options and avenues. Client wanted to explore digital options for growing the customer base.

Alvi worked with one of the leading restaurant - a privately held groups based out of Toronto Canada and played an instrumental role to redesign and streamline food ordering value stream for dining-in customers to focus on business-critical objectives, with an eye to the Art of the Possible.

Technologies Used

The Challenge

Client from the hospitality industry had a traditional setup at their restaurant; waiter walks-up to the customer and note down their food order with a pen and paper manually, put order into the POS (Point of Sale) system and send it to the kitchen. The waiter prepares bills for the guests and then delivers a food as soon as it is prepared. Even though this process looks very simple yet it was prone to human error while the note making or sending the order to the kitchen cause delays of the food and make customer having unsatisfied experience. Restaurant operations managers and owners are always on the go, and they have a need to be mobile and have access to key metrics and reports as well as other functionality to run the restaurants efficiently. Furthermore, Our client wanted restaurant owner to be able to access key information via mobile device to improve the portability as well.

Turned to ALvi Software with the mission to restructure their in-house manual food ordering procedure for walk-in customers. The core objective was to align product development and the associated departments of an organization in such a way that they can offer competitive solutions on one hand and inspire their consumers with innovative and sustainable offerings.

An agile approach makes all this possible swiftly.

Critical Points

  • No centralized view for restaurant owner such as Order history, daily accounting, employee accounting, online order notifications & delivery status of food order etc
  • The lack of major steps to improve user experience
  • Absent consolidated automated viewpoint; Thereby unanticipated stance for restaurant owners
  • Discrepancy in data entry, High instances of errors, mis-keying information
  • Significant ongoing customer facing staff training cost results in high operating cost
  • Restaurant’s system is dependent on good individuals
  • Time consuming and costly to produce on-demand reports
  • Lack of security due to manual handling of information


ALvi Software worked thoroughly with the client to understand the current set of challenges and accordingly designed and developed a new-age state-of-the-art customized mobile application to enhance in-person dining experience at client’s restaurant.

  • In order to zoom-into challenges and identification of respective root cause, a multiday problem and solution discovery workshop was conducted with a roll-out of a bespoke survey to steer the group towards the north star. Which in turn facilitated to derive an action plan co-created by Arvi corp. and client’s representative with prioritized the list of activities and on expected benefits, to address the impediments.
  • Soon After, categorization was performed wherein data was groped into majorly in four categories individuals, procedure, tools, and Organization. This helped developing a mutual sense of what was within and outside the purview of each role.
  • Quick wins were identified, with a potentially significant positive impact on business outcomes.
  • Worked with Business Owners, a future state was envisaged, and a milepost-based action plan was formulated and implemented. At regular intervals of the execution, measures were used to ensure progress in the right direction.
  • New Solution (Mobile Application) was designed in such a way that it would cater all future needs of scalability.

How the business benefited?

  • Easy and Smooth Customer Experience and wider scope of personalization resulted in High NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Streamlining the action of food Ordering- Processing- Delivery
  • Digital menu card
  • Increased Transparency i.e. real time Order tracking and status update etc
  • Multiple ways to pay for the order including Cashless Mobile Commerce Experience


  • Superior throughput across teams and overall, restaurant can handle orders with more accuracy and increase their productivity
  • It is easier to check the cash flow in the restaurant without having to open the registers and ordering notebooks
  • Centralized view for the restaurant manager & owner including order history, daily accounting, employee accounting, online order notifications & delivery status of that food order etc.
  • The client was very excited with the very successful and trouble-free upgrade, completed in time and within budget.


Arvi Corporation consultants worked closely with the client team to overcome all the challenges, delivering a successful go-live without any issues. A detailed planning ensured no major challenges presented themselves. The mobile application helped improved portability in restaurant operations & management as well as increased the timing and visibility of crucial information and alerts.

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