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No matter how good your application or an enterprise solution is at the ideation and functional level, it cannot effectively serve your purpose if it is not error-free and if it doesn't come with Quality Assurance. It is understandable for an organisation to be dynamic in terms of adapting to technological advances and come up with updated software applications. This is where a high-end QA service assures a flawless user experience, reliability, and a successful solution that helps enterprises to forge ahead and evolve accordingly.

At Alvi, we provide an organised testing solution in which business-critical software is verified for correctness, performance and quality. This ensures the eventual product to behave correctly as expected after the quality is assured. We have a strong team that develops a robust Testing and QA process for the softwares we develop for small to large businesses.


An ideal QA and Testing methodology should combine manual and automated Tests together. The crucial part here is to determine which type of Test is required for each aspect and stage of the product or solution. While Manual Testing is preferable for exploratory and usability which covers a wide range of scenarios, Automated Testing is often supplemented with the Manual ones. During Regression Test, Load Test or any other performance-related Tests, Automation is generally the way to go.

To make sure that your product's Testing is rigorously done to achieve the Quality Assurance that is expected, Alvi charts out a proper life-cycle of this entire process in the following seven steps.

  • Understand the Testing requirement for the project
  • Work on the critical points of the plan
  • Design the ideal QA Strategy
  • Pick the right tools and technology
  • Lay the environment for Testing
  • Execute the Tests
  • Derive the results and provide Quality Assurance of the product
It is only after the successful completion of the above Testing cycle, we give a green signal for your product's deployment.

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