Point of Sale System

The retail market has seen some really advanced technological developments over the years and it has not only eased up the business processes but has brought a new level of sophistication in how work is done. Point of Sale (POS) is an important junction in the retail market and in the current scenario, it becomes inevitable for the businesses to have a streamlined process over there that saves time, increases efficiency and reduces costs in the long run. We at Alvi got an opportunity to upgrade a very basic POS application of a restaurant and then migrate it on the cloud. So, let's go ahead and look at the process which executed this project.

Technologies Used

Central Idea

The Canada base client already had a very basic application in place but with time it had become outdated and not just needed updating but some new attributes as well.We understood their requirements and briefly chalked out four main objectives to achieve.

  • Increase the efficiency by upgrading the application with a new, robust software
  • Make the application run on multiple platforms simultaneously
  • Make sure the data interchange is firm and secure
  • Migrate the application on the Cloud

Work Plan

The process was divided mainly into two phases;

Upgrading the Application

The objectives were very clear and our engineers took charge of the code migration first. It was the basis and needed to be addressed first. So the original system that was based on MS VISUAL STUDIO 2012 was migrated to .NET CORE, the latest version. By virtue of this the application was upgraded and from an outdated solution it became a completely able contemporary software. This data security was made sure using the MS SQL Server and by the end of debugging, we had an application that was running on multiple software platforms apart from Microsoft.

Cloud Migration

It won't be wrong to say that mostly all advanced computing applications, that too in the business world need to take care of a lot of data and a process that doesn't clog their processes and traffic. A realistic solution for that is to put all the stuff securely on a cloud as it frees you from all the archival hassles. Moreover in POS business, it keeps the flow intact without breaking the chain. So we took AWS Cloud services and migrated the product on it. This whole process marked the completion of the project and the launch of a brand new POS application.

How the business benefited?

  • A seamless end-to-end experience of all the important functions across multiple platforms was achieved
  • The time to execute the functions was reduced considerably
  • The stream of information exchange was now intact and need not be rebooted because of Cloud Computing
  • A smooth business solution led to reduction in operation costs


After the deployment of the fresh POS application, PoS of Restaurant as a business started to function smoothly. With all the upgraded tools and latest web trends included, there were no more glitches in their restaurant's retail set-up and the workflow was streamlined to perfection. This, in turn, increased the overall efficiency in the execution of business processes and saved multitudes of time.

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