With the onset of Coronavirus, the world has changed and so are the methods of all the things we tend to do not just in life but also at our workplace. Working remotely is on many organisations' priority and the new-age internet technology has helped them achieve that. Whether it is a meeting or a brainstorming session, year's review or discussion for a new product - all this is being done online without the work efficiency getting affected.

So, it is safe to say that even when things become normal, we can't rule out many organisations sticking to this practice. This ideology led someone to think about applying the same thought to the recruitment process, especially when there is an online test involved in the mix. We, at Alvi, got the opportunity to develop this product 'Alwits'-a cloud-based online testing and assessment portal. Since it is already deployed, we would like to share how we went about this process.

Technologies Used

  • MongoDB
  • .Net Core
  • AWS S3
  • Ubuntu
  • Nginx


  • Section-wise management of the Test
  • Shuffling of questions and answer options
  • Freedom of altering the time limit according to the nature and length of the test
  • Tracking the applicant's activity along with face recognition feature to avoid cheating


Well, it was a straightforward process and we didn't face any difficulty in executing it. Once the testing was done, we got a finished product through which an organisation could conduct an online assessment of a potential candidate. The important thing here was the accomplishment of the feature where we are able to track a participant's activity with face recognition so that the entire process is seamless without any chance of deceit. While finishing this project, we also realised that as simple as this product might appear to be, it has limitless potential - not just for business purposes but also for academics. It can be tweaked into multiple ways to make it custom-made for various institutions that are in the business of recruitment and education.

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