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With the advent of new technologies on the web, our lives have seen a paradigm shift in all aspects; from workplace to healthcare, from home to transportation - the list goes on and on. So, why should education get left behind? More and more business ideas are germinating to muscle this concept of online education - which in the present-day scenario can very well be an essential service.

So, we at Alvi, got an opportunity to devise for a Canada-based customer, a cloud-based online student-tutor education portal that enables the tutors/instructors a dynamic, secure and cost-effective way of imparting knowledge to the students who in turn can join into the courses and classrooms as per their convenience. We have worked on a proper documentation of how we went about executing this project which will come handy if you want to understand our end to end process till the deployment of the product.

Technologies Used

Central Idea

So, the client had devised a product which was very basic and with limited capabilities. They wanted this product to evolve with a proper software infrastructure by working with engineers equipped to do it. Here is where we took charge. After coming on board as the technology partner, we were trusted to come up with the following deliverables.

To work on an efficient course/learning management system that enables the product to track student's progress level and assign grades accordingly. The portal should be developed in a way that it combines various other systems and functionalities which include:

  • Course Management
  • Student-Tutor Administration
  • On-Demand Resources
  • Virtual Collaboration Tools

Critical Points

  • Needed to boost the possibilities for real-time collaboration with the experts
  • Course Management
  • Equip the product with the tools essential for the knowledge transfer for information seekers
  • Devise a full-proof system to track the student's progress and give out the subsequent merit
  • Efficient management of the system even while numerous subjects are using the product simultaneously

Work Plan

When we set out for the execution of this project, we divided the work into two parts - a) Product Enhancement and b) Product Development

Product Enhancement

As we mentioned, there was already a basic system in place. So taking from there, first we analysed the feedback from over thousands of simultaneous users and based on that, we started with enhancing the existent features. Apart from that, we added multiple new features like hosting through a virtual classroom, assign tasks, a seamless LIVE communication with the students, manage the curriculum and provide the tuition literature to name a few. Simultaneously our development got rid of the bugs in the existing system and brought efficiency in the product.

Product Development

By employing modern open source technologies, we were further able to develop the existing online education portal with the modules required and that helped us achieve the following attributes.

  • Role Management
  • Chat Integration
  • Setting the schedule for Tutor/Instructor
  • Inquiry Template Management

Achieving the above results enabled the Tutors/Instructors to offer an enhanced and interactive learning session.

How the business benefited?

  • A seamless user experience across multiple devices was achieved
  • Tracking of a student's progress was now available through instinctive learning performance dashboards
  • A much quicker access to new courses and tutors increased the traffic
  • Even tutor was able to track his/her progress and enhance the methods as and when needed
  • With everything running seamlessly, operation costs depreciated


In all, the engineers at Alvi improved the existing e-learning portal of the client and delivered a cloud-based tutoring solution with all the required attributes within 10 months. Today, our clients comprises of innumerable learning sessions with more than 50 instructors who reach out to thousands of students delivering seamless educational information.

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