Internet of Things (IoT)

The use of broadband in the world is multiplying at a rate of knots and at the same time reductions in technology-cost have paved the way for more smart devices in our day to day life. From the time we wake up till the time we go to bed, our usage of smart devices has been increasing and there seems no stopping to that. IoT is nothing but connecting any device that can be switched on and switched off to the internet. This, in turn, can help in analysing a lot of data and provide solutions that can enhance user-experience by leaps and bounds.

IoT is everywhere today, from your favourite food-ordering application to your map assistance in your daily commute or even your home assistance (wth AI) and it is safe to say that features involving such IoT have made your experience better. This has been achievable because of interconnection of all the related devices and collecting, analysing and storing the device data. The important thing to note here is this data that businesses strive to acquire through IoT helps them with valuable insights which lets them resaases their plans to achieve their goal.


Once again, the value of IoT is not in the number of connected devices; it is in the data that is procured and analysed from them. Businesses are aware of the promises of IoT but they should put more emphasis on how to make this 'cool process' a harpoon with which they can unlock new modes. IoT is not just a technology disruption; to the best of its use it can also cut costs for your business while increasing profits and efficiency simultaneously.

We, at Alvi, understand the importance of IoT for your business and enable you to master it by building smart connected products through which you can make new revenue streams and become more efficient in this competitive environment. A systematic planning by our engineers is commissioned for developing this complex product that couples the hardware devices with high-end software applications. We also provide integrated offerings to deliver and manage IoT solutions for your business.

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