E-Commerce is one of the most important pillars of the retail market. With the advent of the modern internet, the buying patterns of the people have changed drastically and mostly people are opting to get things on mouse-click or a mobile touch. From the business point of view, it becomes equally important for the enterprise owners to have their E-Commerce platform in the best possible shape to reach their potential customers. Not much time ago, we at Alvi had an opportunity to rebuild an inadequate E-Commerce platform in the United Kingdom into a contemporary one, improve its visibility via other industry-giants like Amazon and eBay and migrate it onto the Cloud. So, let's go ahead and look at the process which executed this project.

Technologies Used

Central Idea

So, this was an offshore project for us. There is this vendor in the UK who has his business on an E-Commerce web platform but it is an outdated one so it is clearly affecting the business. It required upgradation to make it relative to the current market and after understanding the requirements, we chalked out the following objectives.

  • Make the platform quick and efficient using a robust web platform
  • Design the E-Commerce infrastructure in a way where the vendor's products get much more visibility on other platforms too
  • Make Sure the data interchange is firm and secure
  • Migrate the portal on the Cloud

Work Plan

The entire execution process was mainly divided into three stages: a) Upgradation b) Increasing VIsibility and c) Cloud Migration.


So, the product which was handed to us was coded in an open-source environment - PHP. We believed that it would be best if we upgraded the portal using .NET CORE. Our engineers took charge of it and the code migration/addition took place to convert the existing product into a contemporary E-Commerce one which is quick as well as efficient. The data security was sanctioned with the use of MongoDB.

Increasing Visibility

E-Commerce thrives on visibility. Now, what if your product is good but not known? You make it happen by promoting it on other E-Commerce giants. Clearly, in the old system of the product, it had to be done every single time on various major platforms for each of the products which brought a lot of hassles. We devised a solution in which the vendor can manage the addition, removal and modification of the products on the different platforms from the same panel on his own portal. In this case, Amazon and eBay were the alternate platforms that were chosen by the client to promote his products on.

Cloud Migration

Today's business is all about data, history and patterns - collect more, analyse and evolve on the basis of it. This process has been highly aided and made hassle-free with the advent of Cloud Computing. In E-Commerce too, Cloud migration has become essential. It's an important receipt book of the business that helps you gauge the future. In this case, we took one of the most trusted Cloud Services partner AWS and mounted the product on it. This whole process marked the completion of the project and the launch of a brand new E-Commerce portal for our client.

How the business benefited?

  • New structure and code migration meant the client had a fast, modern and an up-to-date E-Commerce platform to showcase and sell the products
  • The visibility of the products increased - now they were not just on a fresh portal but also on E-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay
  • Cloud Computing brought a serverless approach to the business model and reduced hassles
  • More visibility paved the way to growth in business in terms of revenues and profits
  • An overall efficient working environment also led to the reduction in operating costs


The most crucial objective our client here achieved was the business growth by getting over all the bottlenecks that the old system presented. The whole process increased the brand popularity of the vendor's products and made the entire E-Commerce operation slick and gleaming.

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