Application Development & Maintenance

The business world is moving fast and to keep it evolving from time to time, an enterprise has to be equipped with the best possible software. The demand for application development and maintenance services has been unprecedented across the world with the focus on development, testing, deployment and managing it regularly.

Here is where we come into the fray. At Alvi, we are equipped to help the enterprises to develop the softwares and keep its evolution going on and on as they deal with changes in hardware platforms, software operating systems along with the commercial and regulatory requirements. We can further help this software to work as a SaaS (Software as a Service) and then integrate into the cloud.


A web-based application development must perform consistently well across all the browsers to achieve widespread success. That's why we prioritise cleanly organised back-ends and dynamic scalable front ends-while developing portals, enterprise automation applications, microsites and e-commerce solutions. All the processes are streamlined as per the communication with the client addressing the requirements.

Since we also work on offshore projects, we can execute these services also by chipping in with the process of managing the design, coding, testing along with the ongoing modifications and debugging of the software. In the end, the main idea is to make our client's business easier and effective - by job and by cost.

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